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Dr. Isaacson is an experienced and highly skilled doctor that can perform simple, surgical, & wisdom teeth extractions. 


When you present to the clinic for simple or surgical extractions, we first ensure you are comfortable and then numb the gums around your tooth with a local anesthetic. Next, we’ll use forceps to grasp your tooth and gently remove it, being careful to not harm adjacent teeth or bone and gum tissue at the site. Our dentists and dental team routinely complete tooth extraction procedures and are skilled in making them efficient and pain-free. Your healing period will last a few days, during which time you may take over-the-counter medication for any discomfort. We’ll review post-operative instructions and recommendations with you in detail to ensure a healthy and comfortable recovery. 


If you need a wisdom tooth extracted, our priority is to ensure you are comfortable and calm for your surgery. We will prepare the surgical site by administering local anesthetic. Next, we’ll remove your wisdom teeth, being careful to preserve your bone and gum tissues. Once your surgery is complete, we’ll provide instructions for your recovery and at-home care as you heal. Adhering to these instructions will help ensure a healthy blood clot forms and you don’t develop any infection at the surgical site.

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